Elisabeth Frietsch-Eyer

Elisabeth Frietsch-Eyer died on May 5, 2015 in the house where she lived and worked for almost 40 years. She was born on January 25, 1927 in Baden-Baden. After studying at the Kundthochschule in Pforzheim, she taught at the Richard-Wagener-Gymnasium in Baden-Baden for many years before fully committing to her art. Early in the nineties Elisabeth Frietsch-Eyer decided not to sell any of her art works anymore, so that a large collection of several hundred works could be created, which now finds a home in the Kunsthaus Museum Frietsch-Eyer. This was the artist’s wish. It took several years for the heirs to agree that this path could be taken. The museum is owned by Christian Frietsch, who runs the museum together with his wife Nadja Milke-Frietsch and daughter Alisa Melcher, supported by the association “Hommage an Baden-Baden e. V. “

Elisabeth Frietsch-Eyer’s exhibitions have been shown in Germany, Russia and France. The last exhibition was shown in her hometown Baden-Baden in the Palais Hamilton of the Stadtsparkasse Baden-Baden in 2007. Elisabeth Frietsch-Eyer’s artistic legacy is currently being organized and curated. Exhibitions with the titles “Menshikov”, “Baden-Baden et Bénazet”, “A Letter from Novosibirsk” and “The Core of this City” with the works of Elisabeth Frietsch-Eyer are planned.